Fuel level indication gasoline-gas on the instrument panel

Procedure of connecting and checking for cars with any steering location.

  1. Open the right front door.
  2. Turn on the ignition and make sure that the gas level is at least ¼ of the tank and the fuel reserve lamp is extinguished.
  3. Remove the plastic side trim (near the right door in the bottom)
  4. Find the main thick wiring harness going from the bottom up (to the torpedo) !!! DO NOT DISCONNECT SIDE CONNECTORS !!!
  1. Release the tourniquet from the factory tape in the area of 20-25 centimeters.
  2. Find all wires of YELLOW / GREEN color in the bundle – their number can be 4 wires (depending on the configuration and the year of manufacture of the car) One of these wires will be a thick section, all the others will be thin.
  3. From the remaining thin wires, YELLOW / GREEN, choose only one.
  4. Using a multimeter, measure this wire:

A). Set the switch to measure up to 20 volts (constant voltage)

B). Securely fix one of the tester test leads on the car body (more convenient on the cigarette lighter socket)

C). Remove the insulation of selected YELLOW / GREEN thin wire !!! DON’T CUTTING IT !!!

D). When you are sure that the ignition is on and the instrument panel shows more than ¼ of the tank, measure the voltage on the wire – it should be in the range from 0.5 to 3.5 Volts

E). Without turning off the ignition cut this wire and make sure that the level arrow after about 15 seconds starts moving slowly down to a minimum, and the fuel reserve lamp lights up.

F). After turning off the ignition connect 2 gas wires to the two ends of the YELLOW / GREEN wires: GRAY.B6 – to the upper end (closer to the instrument panel) GRAY.A6 – to the lower end (closer to the gas tank)

  1. Remove the negative terminal from the battery for one minute and fasten securely back
  2. Set the jumper carefully instead of the gas level sensor in the trunk (the jumper is supplied)
  3. Start the car.
  4. Switch to gas (LED indicator is constantly lit in blue)
  5. Make sure that the fuel level on the instrument panel, 15 seconds after switching to gas, slowly rises and stops at the “almost full” level.

Connection procedure completed successfully. Insulate wires and wiring harness, collect cover.

This feature is experimental. Delays in time when switching gas / gasoline are possible. The error of readings is about 10%. Follow the information on the site. Software is being improved.