The gas reducer

We recommend to install Tomasetto AT-07 Super (RGTA3520) over 140 hp. (Italy). Also it is possible to use a gas reducer BRC AT-90 E Super over 140 kW (01RD00404002). It must be located at the minimum possible distance from the combined mixer. The closer – the more effective will be its work. At a great distance from the mixer, a “dip” is possible at the beginning of the movement. At a great distance from the mixer, a “dip” is possible at the beginning of the movement.

The heating circuit of the reducer.

 The heating circuit of the gas reducer must be connected to the hoses of the stove. If the heating is connected to the throttle body, the reducer freezes in the “trace” mode and the failure of the membranes occurs.

Setting the reducer.

To properly adjust the gearbox, the ByPass bolt must be fully twisted, the remaining bolts must be in the middle position. Tuning. One person sits in the car and holds 2500-2800 turns, the second tightens the power register bolt (which is on the nozzle) until the engine starts to “choke”. Started “choking” – unscrew the bolt for one turn (perhaps more or less, twist until the turns stabilize). Release the gas pedal and then adjust the idling with a bolt on the reducer itself (the ByPass bolt on the reducer must be clamped and we do not touch it). After the idle speed is set, the brass bolt can be slightly unscrewed, this will give the car a playfulness, but will increase the gas consumption.

Switching to gas.

For the first transition to gas we start the car. When the engine is warm and idling (the LED is green), blink the main beam 3 times (approximately once per second), the indicator starts blinking green (if the engine is cold) and green-blue if the engine is warm (the green-blue mode allows the gas transition). Then raise the speed to 2300 rpm for a short time blink the main beam and the car switches to gas (while the parking lights should be off). For subsequent gas transitions (after adjusting the gas reducer), it is enough to blink the main beam 3 times and the electronics will remember the last state (before removing the terminal from the battery).

Location of the reducer.

Location of the gearbox in vehicles with a right-hand drive.